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Shredders CD1

Shredders CD1
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We manufacture Double axis “Pico de Loro” triturating shredders for plastic, wood, paper, fabric, copper, and aluminum.

Our Pico de Loro shredders are especially designed for the crushing of bumpers of all kinds of automobiles, cans, tires, wooden pallets and plastic.

We have different models of shredders and we also customize shredders designed to meet our clients’ specifications and special requirements.

The CD2 series come in various models of 30hp, 50hp, 75hp, 100hp, 120hp, 150hp, and 180hp.

You may choose from different models of rotors and hoppers depending on the material that needs to be shredded.

In addition, should you have specific machine requirements, we will gladly design a proposal to customize a machine designed especially for your needs.

Available box crusher widths are from 500mm to 1400mm.

The approximate laboratory productions vary based on the material.




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